Users in Brute Ratel are called Operators. Operators can be configured either by adding their username/password directly into a C4 profile or by adding them manually through Commander. By default, only one Admin can be created in BRc4. Rest of the operators will always be unprivileged operators. Only an admin operator can add, delete and change an operator’s password. Rest of operators can only change their own password.

Add Operator

To add a new operator, select Operator->Add Operator and enter the new operator’s username and password.

Delete Operator

To remove an existing operator, select Operator->Delete Operator and select the operator to remove from the dropdown list.

Change Operator Password

To reset a operator’s password, select Operator->Change Password and select the operator from the dropdown list. Now enter the new password and the operator’s password would be reset instantly.

Operator Shortcut Keys

  • Shortcut keys for the UI
    • Alt+1 : Select Listener Tab
    • Alt+2 : Select Badger Tab
    • Alt+3 : Select Credential Tab
    • Ctrl+H : Add HTTP Listener
    • Ctrl+D : Add DOH Listener
    • Ctrl+P : Add Payload Profiler
    • Alt+D : View Downloads
    • Alt+L : View Logs
    • Ctrl+1 : Show Operator Menu
    • Ctrl+2 : Show C4 Profiler Menu
    • Ctrl+3 : Show Server Menu