Hosted Files

Listener has virtual URIs which means the extensions for the URIs can be anything. All the connections received by these URIs will be routed to a single function i.e. to handle authenticated badger communications unless they are explicitly routed elsewhere. Listeners support adding new URIs dynamically which means even after you create your listener, you can add new URIs to them. This feature allows to either add a new set of URIs for your badgers to communicate or to host files and payloads on the server.

Add New URI

New URI’s for badger communications can be added by right clicking the created listener and selecting Listener Actions->Add New URI.

Host Files

Similarly, different types of files can be hosted on the Brute Ratel listener by right clicking on the created listener and selecting Listener Actions->Host File. Mime types can also be customized depending upon the type of content you want to show on the target’s proxy server.

View Hosted

If you want to remove or view the list of files hosted, you can select C4 Profiler->Hosted Files