Server Config/Profile

Brute Ratel server’s full configuration can be viewed and backed up offline. This comes in handy when you want to start another C4 instance and don’t want to build a fully new C4 Profile. You can use the settings icon above the scratchpad and it would write the whole configuration to Scratchpad. You can copy and paste this config to a file and start a C4 server using the same config. Keep in mind the smaller things that you might want to change like server host, port, payload host and so on in the config file. A full server config looks like this.

You can always create your own C4 profiles using the server configuration. The only important part to keep in check is the key value names. They key values should always be the same (except in case of extra_headers and config name in the payload_config since the config name can be anything and the extra_headers field contains key:value pairs of header:value).

The Commander also has an ‘Autosave’ button next to the ‘Server’ drop down menu which can be enabled or disabled to automatically save changes to your C4-profile as you modify your C4 settings during your Red Team Engagement.