Users in Brute Ratel are called Warmongers due to their ability to wage wars between the red team and the blue team. Users can be configued either by adding their username/password directly into a C4 profile which can be seen here or by adding them manually through Brute Commander. By default, only one Admin can be created in BRc4. Rest of the users will always be normal users. One important thing to note is that only an admin can add, delete and reset a user’s password. Rest of users can only reset their own password.

Add Warmonger

To add a new user, select Warmongers->Add Warmonger and enter the new user’s username and password.

Delete Warmonger

To remove an existing user, select Warmongers->Delete Warmonger and select the user to remove from the dropdown list.

Reset Warmonger

To reset a user’s password, select Warmongers->Reset Warmonger and select the user from the dropdown list. Now enter the new password and the user’s password would be reset instantly.

Warmonger List

A list of active and inactive warmongers can be seen in the Warmongers tab in ‘Watchlist’. A newly created user won’t show up here unless it has been logged in atleast once.

Covert Communication

This tab also provide a covert communication Chat box to chat with other warmongers. This channel will not store any chat on disk or in memory and it directly creates a TCP pipe over SSL with other warmongers who are online. Covert channel works like an IRC channel, but since it doesn’t store the chat anywhere, if a user isn’t online, the user won’t receive the message. So, it’s mandatory for both the warmongers to stay online to chat.