A Customized Command and Control Center for Red Team and Adversary Simulation

Brute Ratel MITRE graph

Brute Ratel features seamlessly integrated MITRE graph for all built-in commands providing a user friendly interface for Adversary Simulation activities. This helps the Security Team to tune and enhance the detection capabilities as per the simulation performed.

Multiple Lateral Movement Options

Badger provides mulitple pivot options ranging from WMI, WinRM, Remote Service Creation, Custom PsExec and more.

One stop for all your LDAP queries

Ldap Sentinel provides a rich GUI interface to query various ldap queries to the Domain or a Forest. Whether you want to run SPN queries for a specific user or if you want to query large group objects, all can be done effortlessly using prebuilt queries.

Carry your C4 handler wherever you go.

Access your implants on-the-go with Ratel Intercom. Ratel Intercom is an Android application which not only provides realtime notifications for newly connected implants, but it also provides GUI and a Command-line interface for running commands.

Multiple Command and Control Channels

Brute Ratel supports SMB, TCP and HTTP badgers with high customization capability. All the pivot badgers can be viewed directly using Node graphs in Brute Commander.

Automate Adversary TTPs

Use existing brute ratel modules or build your own and automate the execution of the commands for all of your badgers using the Autorun feature.

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