A Customized Command and Control Center for Red Team and Adversary Simulation


Alongside the default HTTPS connections, Badger's DNS over HTTPS provides usability of newly bought domains without the the need of domain fronting or redirector, all the while providing a backup option to be able to switch to other HTTPS profiles on the fly

External C2 Channels

The SMB and TCP badger provide functionality to write custom External C2 Channels over legitimate websites such as Slack, Discord, Microsoft Teams and more

Indirect Syscalls

Badger provides various process injection capabilities and an option to switch between WinAPI to NTAPI to Syscalls on the fly

Built-in Debugger To Detect EDR Userland Hooks

Badger provides various techniques to hunt EDR userland hooks and DLL, and avoid triggering them using various syscall obfuscation and debugging techniques

Brute Ratel MITRE graph

Brute Ratel features a seamlessly integrated MITRE graph for all built-in commands providing a user friendly interface for Adversary Simulation activities

One stop for all your LDAP queries

Ldap Sentinel provides a rich GUI interface to query various ldap queries to the Domain or a Forest. Whether you want to run SPN queries for a specific user or if you want to query large group objects, all can be done effortlessly using prebuilt queries.

Multiple Command and Control Channels

Badger provides mulitple pivot options such as SMB, TCP, WMI, WinRM and managing remote services over RPC.

Automate Adversary TTPs

Use existing brute ratel modules or build your own using in-memory execute of C-Sharp, BOFs, Powershell Scripts or Reflective DLLs and automate the execution of the commands using the Click Script feature

Various Out-Of-Box Evasion Capabilities

Evasion Capabilities x64 Support x86 Support x86 on Wow64 Support
Stack Frame Chaining Yes No No
Indirect System Calls Yes Yes Yes
Hide Shellcode Sections in Memory Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Sleeping Masking Techniques Yes No No
Unhook EDR Userland Hooks and Dlls Yes No No
Unhook DLL Load Notifications Yes No No
LoadLibrary Proxy for ETW Evasion Yes No No
Thread Stack Encryption Yes Yes Yes
Badger Heap Encryption Yes Yes Yes
Masquerade Thread Stack Frame Yes Yes Yes
Hardware Breakpoint for AMSI/ETW Evasion Yes Yes Yes
Reuse Virtual Memory For ETW Evasion Yes Yes Yes
Reuse Existing Libraries from PEB Yes Yes Yes
Secure Free Badger Heap for Volatility Evasion Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Module Stomping with PEB Hooking Yes Yes Yes
In-Memory PE and RDLL Execution Yes Yes Yes
In-Memory BOF Execution Yes Yes Yes
In-Memory Dotnet Execution Yes Yes Yes
Network Malleability Yes Yes Yes
Built-In Anti-Debug Features Yes Yes Yes
Module stomping for BOF/Memexec Yes Yes Yes

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