Features & Documentation

Brute Ratel is the most advanced Red Team & Adversary Simulation tool in the current C2 Market. It can not only emulate different stages of an attacker killchain, but also provide a systematic timeline and graph for each of the attacks executed to help the Security Operations Team validate the attacks and improve the internal defensive mechanisms. Brute Ratel comes prebuilt with several opsec oriented features which can ease a Red Teams task to focus more on the logical analysis during an engagement instead of focusing or depending on Open source tools for post-exploitation. Brute Ratel is a post-exploitation C2 in the end and however does not provide exploit generation features like metasploit or vulnerability scanning features like Nessus, Acunetix or BurpSuite.

Brute Ratel’s C4 infrastructure can be classified into 4 different categories.

Ratel War Room

Brute Commander

Ratel Intercom


The EULA for Brute Ratel C4 can be found here. For product support and Demo, feel free to reach us on any of the contacts below:

E-mail: chetan@bruteratel.com

Discord: BRC4 Discord