Brute Ratel Licensing and Cost

Includes documentation, email/discord support, bug fixes and updates for all new features till the license expires.

Pricing FAQ

Do we get updates and bug fixes for the upcoming releases?
Brute Ratel licenses are by-default of a single year until purchased for multiple years. The license includes email and discord support and all updates till the license expires
How do we report bugs or request feature updates?
Brute Ratel has a discord channel where all customers can report an issue or request for a feature. Support is also provided over email as well. If the bug is criticial, it will be fixed within six hours from the confirmation of the bug.
Do you offer multi-year licenses? How does license renewal work?
We do offer multi-year licenses. The multi-year plans differ on the basis of number of users. Please reach us by email for an exact pricing. For non-multi-year licenses, the company gets a grace period of upto 10 days after the license expires till which they can opt for the renewal cost. Post the 10 day grace period, the full cost would apply
Do you provide discounts for bulk orders?
We do provide discounts if more than 5 licenses are ordered in a single purchase. Please contact the above email for the demo/purchase. This is only valid for the initial purchase however. No discounts are allowed during renewals.
What types of payment do you accept?
We currently accept payments via Bank wire transfers only in order to verify that the payment is coming from a legitimate source.
Do you sell Brute Ratel to individuals?
Yes. We do. But due to the nature of the software, we only sell the product to registered companies and individuals with an offical business e-mail address/Domain after verifying the business and the person's work history.
Can I use Brute Ratel to perform malicious activities?
Dark Vortex does not authorize the use of Brute Ratel for malicious activities. If we find that the software is being used for malicious activity, we reserve the right to cancel the license and provide help to the law enforcement office.
Contact us for any further questions at